"I know that they really liked your work. They appreciate the immediacy of results and thought your rate was competitive.""

-Jenny Laney, Instructional Designer for Boeing

"Thank you so much for a wonderful job. I think that the Lord blessed me with your voice, so I can't wait to use this."

-Chris Sloane, Prater Creek Baptist Church

"Great working with you and we look forward to the next time!"

-Joe Bruncsak, Blueland Media

"Thank you so much!!! I really like all of them, they are perfect! I will definitely come back for more if I ever need you. Thanks again."

DJ John Affy

"These are awesome, they're going to work out great… beautiful actually. Thank you!"

-Gary Grobe, video game developer


Radio Imaging

You know those sexy purring women that say things like “Live…in the mix with DJ Zen, ONLY on the city’s hottest station: Z-95”? Well, often, they’re the same ones who record polite and respectful signoffs like, “Thank you for listening to A Ray of Hope. Join us next week, right here on AMEN FM.” Ann has done hundreds of station identifications, DJ drops, and public service announcements, so if you’re looking for that radio sound, she has just the right mic, preamp and attitude.

P.O. Box 100322 Arlington, VA 22210 P: 408.410.6211

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Radio & TV Commericals

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